Wednesday, 10 April 2013



Well, now that I have identified this is where the World is, too soon or too late, I had to get involved.

So there's something about myself. My name is + Syed Hareem ul Hasan , and I am a CFA LEVEL 1 Candidate, who has already done his ACCA qualification along with a BSc Hons Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, London - UK. 

Formerly, I used to work as an auditor in Audit & Assurance Department at KPMG Pakistan (Member Firm of KPMG Global, Mainly known as BIG 4 Firms of the world). Currently, I am working as an Finance Trainee Officer in Risk Management Department at Al-Baraka Investment Bank. This bank is based is Bahrain and operates in 15 different countries including Middle East and Asia. 

The world we live in now, is getting very complex day by day, and there's really no fixed formula for success due to the fast paced nature of change we're experiencing and if you don't keep up with what's going on outside, you're simply, losing out!!

In this blog, I will try to express and share with you about what I have learned about life, it's value and change we must bring into our lives to groom ourselves, to develop a personality that can outshine anyone at anywhere and above all to be the controller of our own lives. I will be equipping you with techniques on how we can control our lives and shape up our desirable future by our actions of present.

I have a very staunch believe that we are the controller of our own destiny, what we do now will come after us later in our lives. Critics of my belief tend to say that our destiny is already written , we can't change it... It's fixed..I speak out to them if such is a case why bother to study,learn,work why not just play,have fun and party around cause if it's written no matter what we do nothing could take it from us.

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That's it! Will definitely see you soon :)