Thursday, 11 April 2013

Creative Inspiration

We generally feel that only poets, writers, artists and actors are the creative sort. In fact, every human being is endowed with creative tendencies. As a visionary leader, you need to unlock the natural state of creativity that sleeps within the minds of every one of your people. You must help your employees to think smarter and inspire them to explore new pathways of thought. Begin to see your workplace as one giant idea factory, as a place where creativity and innovation are recognized and rewarded.

 Let your people know that they will now be allowed to take some risks. Teach them that failure is nothing more than learning how to win and that though some of the risks that they take may lead to setbacks, many will also lead to innovation. Spread this sentiment throughout the organization. Encourage creativity and make it clear that you are now open to listening to, understanding and implementing the best ideas of your people.

The essence of creativity lies in originality of thought. You have to propagate the dictum: see what all see, think what none think. Make your people be curious, spontaneous and playful like children and flex their imagination. 

To understand better, here is a story. A yogi was sitting with his disciples, high in the foothills of the Himalayas. As a test, he drew a line o the dirt and asked each student to make the line shorter without erasing any part of it. The students were perplexed and couldn’t think of a way to shorten the line without touching it- except for one student. He had been the one who had studied the hardest and practiced the longest. He walked over to the line that the master had drawn and quickly drew a longer line next to it. He did not touch the first line in any way. The teacher smiled and applauded, “Very good, now the first line is shorter.”

This is the kind of original thinking you must propagate. Shed the shackles of the traditional ways of looking at things so that you can master the uncertainty that a changing business world brings. One of your highest priorities should be to create workplace that rewards curiosity and recognizes that new ideas are the seeds of success. Remember, even one good idea can totally transform your organization.

In order to foster creativity within your workplace, work should be fun. Playfulness is not reserved only for kids. There`s nothing wrong with people letting their hair down from time to time and enjoying a solid belly laugh. There`s nothing wrong with letting people have fun at work. And allowing them the chance to have fun through their work is a brilliant leadership philosophy because it will conform to all that you truly do put people first. It shows you care. Fun and laughter are the doorways to the hearts and imaginations of your people.

 A company that plays together stays together. Organize fetes, contests and sports day to make your people laugh and smile and grow love working at your company. Never forget that when you ensure that your employees laugh while they work, they will ensure that you clients laugh while they buy.