Thursday, 13 June 2013

How Your Problems Can Make You Profits

Most of the time when we use to think of word problems! We associated headaches, variations of stress, and worry with that word. But that would be a much closed minded way to look at it. The truth is that problems have always improved the quality of our lives, whether it’s saving time, money or resources.
When you think outside the box, what you will find is that the problems that have existed in society since the beginning of time all have one major thing in common and that is that all these problems have solutions which can be sold at a profit. If there were no problems in the world, no one would ever become successful. The most successful people in the world became successful because of the problems they solved for society.

Problems Make People Successful
Think about this, a long time ago, before the light bulb was invented, Thomas Edison had found a problem. That problem was that you needed many different things to light up your house that were either inconvenient, expensive or just a waste of time and energy. Candles were pretty expensive and they would usually be left unattended. Setting up a fire would burn things and it caused many injuries, not to mention it was extremely inconvenient.

Edison understood that this problem clearly needed a solution as there were many disadvantages. He went to work and surely he found and created what was very much needed in society as the famous light bulb. Today, all we have is a bunch of light bulbs stuck in the ceilings that turn on with a flick of a switch. After solving this problem, he benefited with the profits. 

The focal point here is that if Thomas Edison did not see it as a problem that existed in society, the light bulb would probably not have been invented and he would never have been known to this day. Thomas Edison once quoted that he “will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles”. His success was a result of his solution orientated mindset.

In Every Problem, There Is Money to Be Made
So, basically anything that ever gets invented or becomes profitable, first exists as a problem, instead of pondering on how bad the problem is, why not find the solution and sell that solution to others so they can use it in their own lives. When you find a problem, the solution is usually something valuable that can serve others. So, in every problem there is not only a solution that will usually save time and resources, but there will also be a source of income or money to gain.

In order to see profits you first need to put the problem in a different light, which can be easier to when you put your attention on serving others. When you do this, it gives you a bigger purpose to find the solution, and once that solution is found, it means there’s money to be made.

Small or Big, Solutions Are a Success
Sometimes these problems can be so small and easy to solve such as a little improvement on a product. Have you ever noticed yourself coming up with a creative adjustment to a product, and then shortly after someone else created it? Well, it happens all the time, and usually we think the solution has to be so much more difficult, the truth is; it’s NOT! It only seems difficult in our heads. For example, Steve Jobs, the man who created the Apple Computers, realized that the Walkman was inconvenient, and you could only play a limited amount of songs on each cassette or CD. He created a solution, which really wasn't all that big, but it was the right adjustment that consumers needed. He made people’s lives easier with the more convenient and innovative iPod.

The Famous Formula
Many do not know it, but problems and opportunities are the same thing. Inside every problem, there is a seed to success. There is a formula that will help you look at problems differently, and will help you to create profits from your problems. This formula goes as follows:

When you find the solution to any problem, whether it’d be that you were overweight, and became fit, or you were depressed but somehow found a solution and became exhilarated with life, it is your divine right to share the information / product / service that you used to help yourself so that you can now help others and by this you will be serving the world. The more passionate you are about finding the answer to your problem, the bigger the return on investment will be.

So, from now on, when you see a problem in your life, be grateful for it, as a matter of fact get optimistic! Don’t get discouraged, instead look at it as an opportunity to solve and overcome an obstacle, and see it as something that can actually make you money.

Take the time to think about it in a different perspective by allowing you to understand that the solution is most likely something that others are and are willing to pay a profit for. And remember; get excited for finding problems, because problems are like diamonds waiting to be discovered. You never know, a problem that you find in your life, could be your key to financial freedom.